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Hi there,

Welcome to AP Golf Fitness, I’m AP, creator of AP Golf Fitness.

AP Golf Fitness was created by a Golfer/Fitness Trainer, to help golfers improve their golf fitness through targeted golf programs and workouts. These golf fitness workouts are made up of golf exercises and stretches.

The golf fitness workouts are tailored to each golfers current fitness level, whether you are a young golfer, old golfer, a male golfer, a female golfer, whether you are fit or not fit or you have injuries to work around.

Who designed these workouts?

I did. I have been combining fitness and golf (and specific golf exercises) for over twenties years. I’m a practicing personal trainer, have been a pro-golfer and still enjoy playing amateur golf.

I have also created a fat-loss and lifestyle website that golfers and others have used to shift a lot of weight and into great shape . You can learn more about this when you sign up for your Free golf-fitness workouts and programs.

When you sign up,  you will receive:

  • Access to the Download page where you can choose from (or all of) Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workouts and programs
  • Workouts sheets to download and use
  • Photos and written advice on each exercise
  • The AP Golf Fitness Terminology report
  • An 8-week email course on how to train safely, effectively and tips on implementing these workouts into your life consistently
  • The “4-Keys To maximum driving distance report”. Takes a look at the key muscles in the golf swing and how to train them for maximum results
  • Bi-monthly golf and golf-fitness email newsletter with golf, fitness and health information
  • Access to me to answer any of your questions

Why is all of this free?

Because I’m building a community of like-minded golfers who are looking to improve the golf, fitness and lives. I will have the odd word to say about a product that I recommend that can help your fitness/golf – but that’s about it. I would never put my name to something I don’t truly believe in (like say a crappy diet pill or one of those useless “ab-crunchers).

Sooo…. Throw in your details below and get instant access to this Free membership – while it remains free!


AP (Anthony)

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