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“AP Golf Fitness Provides Fitness and Fat-Loss Systems To Help Golfers Increase Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Golf Shots Whilst Decreasing Body Fat and Boosting Health”

Two Systems To Help Golfers Golf Fitness and Health:



Hi There,

Welcome to AP Golf Fitness, I’m AP, creator of AP Golf Fitness.

AP Golf Fitness was created by a Golfer/Fitness Trainer, to help golfers improve their golf fitness through targeted golf programs and workouts. These golf fitness workouts are made up of golf exercises and stretches.

The golf fitness workouts are tailored to each golfers current fitness level, whether you are a young golfer, old golfer, a male golfer, a female golfer, whether you are fit or not fit or you have injuries to work around.

Click Golf Workouts and Programs to view a short video presentation about:

  • The four fitness principles behind every successful exercise program; how hard to train, what type of exercise to perform, when to perform these exercises and for how long (duration).
  • View a live golf fitness exercise inside one of the made to measure golf fitness programs

  • Take a look inside our members area where the golf fitness workouts, programs and golf exercises are located.

“Weight Loss and Better Health for Golfers”

I have created a weight loss and optimum health system for you to take advantage of. The system was created after 20 years of health, fitness and nutritional studies (and implementation) and from the lessons learned from taking over 10 000 personal training sessions over this time.

The weight loss and health system is based around what keeps me and other successful fitness devotees lean, strong and healthy year in year out, but more importantly – the information identifies the struggles everyday people have with becoming and staying lean and healthy and provides information, tools and on-going support to achieve lasting heath in a functional body – to be proud of.

If you want to get into great shape and improve your health (which can also include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels to go with weight loss and muscle toning) watch the Fat Loss Video and also read on down below the video to learn about all the other golfers that have achieved rapid, safe, weight loss.

A lot of this information is based around golfers lifestyles, habits and needs and wants. Why? because it was created by a golfer (me!) who has studied golfers and still plays with club golfers every week of the year. The system shows how you can become lean whilst still enjoying beers at the 19th hole!

The Fours Keys to Maximum Driving Distance

You can find this great read at the page: “The Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance Report”. As the heading states, the report goes through what is needed to maximize your golf driving distance potential and also what the roles of the various muscle groups are in the golf swing. To get the report just leave your name an email address in the boxes provided. We will send you your report automatically after you have “opted in” to receive it.

We use best practice email communications and we definitely do not want to send you something you do not want. By opting in you will also be eligible to receive a free monthly golf fitness newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email we send you. And of-course your email address will never be shared with anyone as this is against the law and it is just plain rude.

“Your Golf Fitness Trainer In Action”

To view a fun video of yours truly “ripping” a few drives, head over to the about us page. This video shows you “in live video action” a lot of the muscles that are used in a golf swing. This video is not there to impress you, it just shows you that I back up what I’m saying about golf fitness and obtaining and maintaining a lean, healthy body – with my actions.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you need anything via the “contact” page up the top of site.