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Help for Keeping Fitness Motivation High

Keeping Fitness Motivation High

How is your golf-fitness/workout routine going?

Doing workout and after workout, week after week may not be “sexy” or that “appetizing” for some. Many people have to train in groups (exercise class) or with a partner to keep the motivation high. Others may workout by themselves but are  not consistent enough to get any real body-changing results. Because if your not consistently working out hard a few times per week and doing a few easy sessions (walking, golf) it is impossible to get fitter, stronger and or leaner.

That’s why personal trainers or some sort of paid training can work because you are actually paying your hard-earned cash in advance. Along with the fee there is also an obligation not to let down your trainer by showing up to the session.

Although it is not a personal trainer, the system I created here is the next best thing. It is designed for people that I can’t train in person – who maybe across the other-side of the World but who would benefit from weekly information and inspiration. 

On the site you will get a whole lot of information to get you and keep you fit, strong, healthy and lean and you will also you receive 48 email lessons (twice per week). These are designed to keep you motivated, inspired and informed.
They give you a little “nudge” a couple of times per week to carry out your exercises sessions and to keep your eating habits and general health strong.

Your fitness workouts give you the “how” but is not where people fall down in getting stronger, leaner or healthier. It is motivation and “life” getting in the way of them simply starting these sessions each week. It can be difficult to find the time.
These lessons and the site was born out of me working with busy personal training clients over the years and seeing what struggles they have in sticking to healthy foods, adequate rest and
regular exercise.

If you want me in your corner coming to you each week via text and video, helping you reach your fitness goals for a few cents a week (plus you get life-time membership) go over and checkout the information page.



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