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Free golf-exercises, golf workouts and programs

“AP Golf Fitness Provides Free Golf Exercises, Workouts and Programs”

When you subscribe to AP Golf Fitness over at our home page you get access to our subscribers private download page where you can choose from Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced workouts and programs are made up of golf-exercises. The golf-workouts and golf-programs have been designed myself – a personal trainer and 20 year golf-fitness exponent.

“Maximize your Golf Fitness and your Golf Potential”

To reach my Golf Fitness and Golf potential I focused on all the main components of Golf Fitness, those are:

1. Strength and Speed exercises moving heavy weights. “No pain no gain” – they say; well it’s correct, to get stronger and faster – which will help with golf swing power, you must build stronger, faster muscles and this takes effort. Most healthy people exercise anyway so why not just structure it towards golf? Your efforts must be focused and consistent to achieve results.

2. Strength and Muscular Endurance to avoid injuries. I have maximized my golf driving distance  potential through the strength and speed golf exercises as mentioned above (see the about us page to see me hit the ball), just as a lot of golf tour professionals now do. However, equally important is staying uninjured and functional week after week, year after year.

The golf swing puts a fair bit of strain on the body and if you hit a lot of balls you may get injured. Tendinitis around the elbows and lower back pain are both common. This is why strengthening and muscular endurance exercises when done properly and consistently – every week – will protect you against chronic golf injuries.

I remain injury-free despite practicing heavily for 15-20 years, whilst I see contemporaries that do have injuries. The difference is while we were both doing all that golf practice, I was doing hard, focused, resistance training a couple of  times per week (20 years worth now).

3. Flexibility for golfers is important for many reasons. Muscles create force and power by contracting – quickly, but in order to contract, the muscle must first stretch. Like a rubber band, you pull it back (stretch it) before the power is unleashed. If a muscle can not stretch and load enough, maximum speed and power can not be achieved.

Be sure to pick up a Free Copy of my Four Keys to Maximum Driving Distance Report where I go though all the main active muscle groups in the golf swing and elaborate on these points further. Does flexibility help with avoiding injuries?

Well a flexible muscle is more able to take force when applied to it. Many middle aged golfers (and people in general) often can get quite sore and tight in the lower leg muscles (calf’s) due to being very tight and not stretching over the years. Simple stretches like leaning against a the wall with back heel down and pushing forwards with knee can relive soreness. Hanging heel off a step and letting weight go onto it (stand on one foot and hold onto something) is a very good one too.

4. Cardio Vascular Fitness for Golfers. I’m not going to tell you that being super-fit is going to help your golf a whole lot. But being fit obviously means you heart is strong and therefore beats slower than a less fit person exercising at the the same intensity.  I think fitness can help when you getting into the latter stages of a round and also on hot days when ones fitness is tested. After walking up a hill, a fitter golfers heart rate will be lower than a less fit golfer which is an advantage when addressing the ball.

“Should I do only specific golf-exercises that mimic the golf swing?”

Absolutely not! Runners get fast by running – fast. Swimmers get fast by swimming – fast. You actually have to hit the golf ball hard to hit it long and hitting balls is the best thing for this – to go with having long limbs, fast twitch muscles fibers and being reasonably flexible.

Many golfers get injuries because they spend too much time in their golf posture, doing weights is an excellent opportunity to work on both sides of your body and even-out some of the muscle imbalances created by hitting a lot of golf balls. My four points above go through what a well rounded golf-fitness program should consist of. Being golf-fit is being strong in all these areas; this will enable you to hit the ball strongly, get your body into good positions will also alow you to hit plenty of balls while remaining injury free. Besides, who doesn’t like a good bicep curl!

“What about the when, how, and what of training?”

When you subscribe for free to AP Golf Fitness you not only receive beginner, intermediate and or advanced workouts to choose from (for free) you also receive:

    1. Advice next to each of the golf-exercise photo’s on how to perform each exercise safely and effectively
    2. Golf workout sheets to guide you on how many sets and reps to perform
    3. A 6-part email series that explains to you how to train for: golf swing-power training, golf-endurance, flexibility and how to incorporate these workouts into your life
    4. The 4-keys-to-maximum-driving-distance report and the fat-loss for golfers report
    5. On-going golf, fitness and health tips from a “fitness-freak-golf-nerd!”

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