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Help for Keeping Fitness Motivation High

Keeping Fitness Motivation High

How is your golf-fitness/workout routine going?

Doing workout and after workout, week after week may not be “sexy” or that “appetizing” for some. Many people have to train in groups (exercise class) or with a partner to keep the motivation high. Others may workout by themselves but are  not consistent enough to get any real body-changing results. Because if your not consistently working out hard a few times per week and doing a few easy sessions (walking, golf) it is impossible to get fitter, stronger and or leaner.

That’s why personal trainers or some sort of paid training can work because you are actually paying your hard-earned cash in advance. Along with the fee there is also an obligation not to let down your trainer by showing up to the session.

Although it is not a personal trainer, the system I created here is the next best thing. It is designed for people that I can’t train in person – who maybe across the other-side of the World but who would benefit from weekly information and inspiration. 

On the site you will get a whole lot of information to get you and keep you fit, strong, healthy and lean and you will also you receive 48 email lessons (twice per week). These are designed to keep you motivated, inspired and informed.
They give you a little “nudge” a couple of times per week to carry out your exercises sessions and to keep your eating habits and general health strong.

Your fitness workouts give you the “how” but is not where people fall down in getting stronger, leaner or healthier. It is motivation and “life” getting in the way of them simply starting these sessions each week. It can be difficult to find the time.
These lessons and the site was born out of me working with busy personal training clients over the years and seeing what struggles they have in sticking to healthy foods, adequate rest and
regular exercise.

If you want me in your corner coming to you each week via text and video, helping you reach your fitness goals for a few cents a week (plus you get life-time membership) go over and checkout the information page.



Play better golf with a sound mental golf game

This is part 2 of my series on mental tips on playing golf well under-pressure (part one can be viewed here).

[Note: there a few links in this article to golf videos and a few golf books that I have read and rate very highly]

At the end of part 1 I mentioned the Australian golfer who was really one of the greats of the game, spent years at number 1 in the World, but despite this amazing talent he struggled at the very highest level many times. That golfer is Greg Norman and he did struggle when playing it out for major championships.

Sometimes he triumphed like in the final round at Royal St Georges in the British Open in 1993 when he walked around in a “zen-like trance” shooting a -6 under 64. Just brilliant. Absolutely loved every minute of it.

Normans first near major win was at Winged Foot In the US Open of 1984.  He holed a 40ft putt at the last green to tie Fuzzy Zoeler. He shot 5 over par in the 18 hole playoff and lost to Fuzzy by 8 shots.

In 1986 Greg led all 4 major championships and won just the British Open. In the US open that year he shot 5 over par to finish 12th. Then there was the USPGA that year when he shot 76 and ended up losing to Bob Tway and “that Bunker shot” (can’t find the video online surprisingly).

He lost The Britsih Open playoff in 1989 in a playoff. If you watch the video (see link) it will show that he did shoot an amazing 64 to get into the play-off. He is and was seriously talented.

I remember as a Junior Golfer coming back from a tournament in rural N.S.W, Australia with British Runner-up our Jack Newton – “the one armed bandit” (he literally has one arm). He said that Norman had been laying up short of a fairway bunker on one of the play-off holes all week long (4 hole play-off) but in the play-off he hits a driver – going away from his game plan, hitting it in the bunker and ending any chance he had to win (the bunker like many on “links causes” is wide and narrow with a nasty face). The video shows this.

Then of course there was the 1996 US Masters when Norman went into the final round leading by 6 shots to Nick Faldo. Norman lost 5 shots, shooting 78 to Faldo’s calculated, relentless 67.

Faldo had 46 world wide victories to Norman’s 90 odd (Norman probably played more as he won a lot down-under in our summer) yet Faldo winds up with 6 major victories to Norman’s two. What is the difference? Faldo was a killer under pressure. He won his 89, 90 US Masters in play-off’s, shooting a -7 under 65 in the final round in 1989 and a 69 in 90, beating Ray Floyd in a play-off and then of course the 67 in 1996.

He also destroyed Norman in the 3rd round of the British Open in 1990 when the two played together. Faldo went on to shoot a Tournament record 18-under par at the home of golf – St Andrews. Major highlights of Nicks career can be seen here.

I remember Greg Saying after the 1996 Masters disaster that his swing “broke down” in the final round – the same swing that shot -12 under for the first 3 rounds. Yes Greg, it was your swing.

The great golf writer Michael Murphy played with Greg at Pebble beach and he documents this wonderful round in his excellent book: The Kingdom Of Shivas Irons. He calls him “John Stuart”; the book is fictional but he does write about some actual events; this engrossing round with Norman is one of those events. Anyway Greg or “John” shows is skepticism towards all this “golf psychology stuff.”

If you love golf and like to read, grab this book and the his earlier classic in this series: “Golf In The Kingdom”. They are funny, insightful and superbly written. Absolute classics, great reads and they will also help your golf.

Back to Greg, Psychologists at the time of Norman’s collapse in 1996 at the Masters, timed the time he spent over the ball. Greg is slow at the best of times over the ball and under severe pressure, his time over the ball got longer and longer.

This long time over the ball increases tension and gives your head time to think – which is not what you want! As Bob Rotella – the great Golf Psychologist says: you want to be “unconsciously competent”. There are times to think and times to keep the mind quite and act athletically. Being over the ball then pulling the trigger is one of those time to act without delay.

In my Golf Mental Mastery E-Book and in my Putting E-Book I talk about these things and notably about having a constant, no nonsense pre-shot routine that see’s you:

  1. Visualize the shot and the feel of the swing you want to use (a hold off with your hands or a sweeping draw or a low punch)
  2. Consistent routine and thoughts over the ball
  3. A swing thought or feeling to keep your mind occupied

I can not emphasis how important this way of thinking is. The fastest way to lower scores is through better thinking.

Anyway that’s enough from me. I hope you found this post of value and definitely have a look at those great books I cited. They will grow your knowledge on the game and make you a better player.

Hit em long and straight…


Golf mental tips and how to play golf well under pressure

Hi there

I was having a chat with my dear old Dad last night and he voiced his astonishment – as he does quite often, at why two of our best Australian golfers (Robert Allenby and Marcus Frazer)- who were shooting it out in a 3-hole play-off for our Australian P.G.A title on the weekend, both hit it left into the water with their Drivers on the first playoff (hole #18).

Dad’s a pretty conservative guy and he voiced his bewilderment at:

1. The club choice and

2. How such good tour pro’s could make a mistake like this.

Greg Chalmers who also won the Australian open the week before the Presidents cup, hit a 3-wood down the center and had an easy win. I explained to Dad a couple of things:

Marcus Frazer would never have been under such pressure before. Allenby has been in a dozen or so playoffs and has a very good record.

It comes down to 1. ACKNOWLEDGING that you are nervous and realizing you have a whole lot of “nervous energy” circulating round your body and 2. Having the coping strategies to deal with the situation.

And one of the problems is that pro’s and amateurs don’t often get into these situations very often – so it is hard to prepare for such a scenario. Obviously they are at very different levels but they have similar physiological phenomena occurring in their circularity systems.

Players that realize when they have “cracked” and really want to develop and learn from the experience, take a cold, hard, reflective look at what went wrong and come up with “coping strategies” for the next “pressure situation” – which could be some time away. They become better players as a consequence. This is key to improving in golf and in life.

On the club choice, yes a 3-wood has more loft on it which means more backspin and less side-spin, compared to playing a driver – hence – less curve on a poorly struck shot.

Having said that, many good golfers can hit a hook quite easily with a 3-wood (the water was on the left in the play-off). The coping strategy for the situation I think is slightly more important than club selection (of course you must go with the club you feel comfortable with).

I get nervous on the golf course and probably naturally have an “aroused-energetic default level” compared to a laid-back Freddy Couples or Jack Nicklaus. But over the years I have studied and learned how to relax enough to harness that energy under pressure and use it for good!

I’m quite a reflective, analytical guy and big on personal development, whether that is health and fitness, learning about new subjects

or getting the most out of myself when on the golf course. Golf can teach us so much about life. How to learn from our mistakes, how to be creative, how to take calculated

risks, how to prepare and how to grow and improve – if we are willing to improve that is.

If you have “choked before” (that means everyone:) and would like to learn how to cope with pressure better so you can keep that “personal-best-score going” or how to make less dumb mistakes on the course, take a look at Golf Mental Mastery. It’s a short E-Book on Golf Mental keys that I have written.

It is over at my Truth About Putting Website. I’m sure you will like it.

In part 2 of “This Golf Mental Tips Series” on how to Play Golf Well under Pressure I take a look at why a great Australian golfer with over 90 International Professional victories

struggled when closing out majors.



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“Maximize your Golf Fitness and your Golf Potential”

To reach my Golf Fitness and Golf potential I focused on all the main components of Golf Fitness, those are:

1. Strength and Speed exercises moving heavy weights. “No pain no gain” – they say; well it’s correct, to get stronger and faster – which will help with golf swing power, you must build stronger, faster muscles and this takes effort. Most healthy people exercise anyway so why not just structure it towards golf? Your efforts must be focused and consistent to achieve results.

2. Strength and Muscular Endurance to avoid injuries. I have maximized my golf driving distance  potential through the strength and speed golf exercises as mentioned above (see the about us page to see me hit the ball), just as a lot of golf tour professionals now do. However, equally important is staying uninjured and functional week after week, year after year.

The golf swing puts a fair bit of strain on the body and if you hit a lot of balls you may get injured. Tendinitis around the elbows and lower back pain are both common. This is why strengthening and muscular endurance exercises when done properly and consistently – every week – will protect you against chronic golf injuries.

I remain injury-free despite practicing heavily for 15-20 years, whilst I see contemporaries that do have injuries. The difference is while we were both doing all that golf practice, I was doing hard, focused, resistance training a couple of  times per week (20 years worth now).

3. Flexibility for golfers is important for many reasons. Muscles create force and power by contracting – quickly, but in order to contract, the muscle must first stretch. Like a rubber band, you pull it back (stretch it) before the power is unleashed. If a muscle can not stretch and load enough, maximum speed and power can not be achieved.

Be sure to pick up a Free Copy of my Four Keys to Maximum Driving Distance Report where I go though all the main active muscle groups in the golf swing and elaborate on these points further. Does flexibility help with avoiding injuries?

Well a flexible muscle is more able to take force when applied to it. Many middle aged golfers (and people in general) often can get quite sore and tight in the lower leg muscles (calf’s) due to being very tight and not stretching over the years. Simple stretches like leaning against a the wall with back heel down and pushing forwards with knee can relive soreness. Hanging heel off a step and letting weight go onto it (stand on one foot and hold onto something) is a very good one too.

4. Cardio Vascular Fitness for Golfers. I’m not going to tell you that being super-fit is going to help your golf a whole lot. But being fit obviously means you heart is strong and therefore beats slower than a less fit person exercising at the the same intensity.  I think fitness can help when you getting into the latter stages of a round and also on hot days when ones fitness is tested. After walking up a hill, a fitter golfers heart rate will be lower than a less fit golfer which is an advantage when addressing the ball.

“Should I do only specific golf-exercises that mimic the golf swing?”

Absolutely not! Runners get fast by running – fast. Swimmers get fast by swimming – fast. You actually have to hit the golf ball hard to hit it long and hitting balls is the best thing for this – to go with having long limbs, fast twitch muscles fibers and being reasonably flexible.

Many golfers get injuries because they spend too much time in their golf posture, doing weights is an excellent opportunity to work on both sides of your body and even-out some of the muscle imbalances created by hitting a lot of golf balls. My four points above go through what a well rounded golf-fitness program should consist of. Being golf-fit is being strong in all these areas; this will enable you to hit the ball strongly, get your body into good positions will also alow you to hit plenty of balls while remaining injury free. Besides, who doesn’t like a good bicep curl!

“What about the when, how, and what of training?”

When you subscribe for free to AP Golf Fitness you not only receive beginner, intermediate and or advanced workouts to choose from (for free) you also receive:

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The golf fitness workouts are tailored to each golfers current fitness level, whether you are a young golfer, old golfer, a male golfer, a female golfer, whether you are fit or not fit or you have injuries to work around.

Who designed these workouts?

I did. I have been combining fitness and golf (and specific golf exercises) for over twenties years. I’m a practicing personal trainer, have been a pro-golfer and still enjoy playing amateur golf.

I have also created a fat-loss and lifestyle website that golfers and others have used to shift a lot of weight and into great shape . You can learn more about this when you sign up for your Free golf-fitness workouts and programs.

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Why is all of this free?

Because I’m building a community of like-minded golfers who are looking to improve the golf, fitness and lives. I will have the odd word to say about a product that I recommend that can help your fitness/golf – but that’s about it. I would never put my name to something I don’t truly believe in (like say a crappy diet pill or one of those useless “ab-crunchers).

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“Golfer – Gary Brown From Sydney, Australia, Has Lost Weight Very Quickly, Boosted Important Health Indicators, Is Driving the Golf ball Further – and he is loving his results!”
Interview With Garry

  • Reason for for starting AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health? To improve my overall fitness and health
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  • You age/Golf Handicap? 65 and handicap of 7
  • Weight Loss/Belt buckles reduction so far (Dec 8 – Jan 21 2011)? I have reduced my weight from 87kg to 80kg (191.4lbs to 176lbs) with change of diet and new exercises (15lbs or 7 kg weight reduction in 7 weeks). My shorts and pants fit more comfortably and my belts are in one hole.
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How do you feel about your Body now? I certainly feel stronger, hitting the Golf ball longer, walking the golf course with ease. And most people say I am looking better!!!
What have you learned from following AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health, do you recommend the program? I have learned how to eat the correct food and maintain a good balance in my diet. Reducing alcohol has had a great benefit, we all think we can drink what we like but that will only lead to medical problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and liver damage.
Also the AP Golf Fitness has given me some new workouts which have helped me increase my strength and core for golf.
“I certainly can recommend this program to anyone who is serious about a change in health and lifestyle.”
Garry Brown, Sydney, Australia
By Anthony Procopis, Certified Personal Trainer, Former Pro-Golfer, Golf Fitness and Fat-Loss Specialist

Hi there fellow Golfer,

Well those are bold statements at the top of this page…but fortunately they are backed up with results and those results take the form of everyday club Golfers who are now enjoying better health, golf, fitness and confidence, because of what they have learned from AP Golf Fitness and our Fat-loss and Health System.

Golfers Problems…
I have found that most golfers (and most of society) simply don’t know about the following fitness keys. Would you like answers to these questions?
  • What exercises to do to increase power and speed in the golf swing
  • How many sets and reps to do in a workout
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  • How to train effectively and safely
  • What the “Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance” are and how maximizing them can slash your average score and boost driving distance
  • What “core exercises” to do to help with speed in the golf swing and what ones to do to increase strength and protect against lower back injuries
  • A step-by-step muscle strengthening and flexibility program to follow
And for Fat-Loss and Health, most regular golfers don’t know:
  • What foods to eat to stimulate fat-burning (yes Sir, every time you eat or drink, you set your body up for the next few hours to burn fat or to store fat)
  • What so called “every-day, healthy foods” actually switch the body into “fat-storage-mode” (this happens every time you eat – it is just a matter of knowing how to flick the off switch)
  • How to avoid putting on weight over the holiday period
  • How to turn off the stress hormones that damage health and speed the aging process
  • The same Hormone that is responsible for storing fat is also responsible for making bad cholesterol and hardening arterial walls
  • How to avoid nearly all colds and sickness by having an impregnable immune system
  • How to get into – and stay – in great shape year after year
“Trying to Figure out the When, What and How of Fitness Routines and Losing Weight and Being Healthy is a Nightmare, Trust Me I Struggled for Years – Sifting Through and Testing: Good, Bad and Downright Dangerous Information
It Was A Struggle…But Golf Fitness Would Eventually Transform My Weak Body and Those 200 Yard Drives”
  • I started the long process of learning about how the body works; how to build muscle, strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. I learned this by “doing.”
  • I started copying and modeling myself on successful guys at the gym and on World class athletes in magazines, books and T.V. I was obsessed, I remember a few times running 5km to the gym, doing a 1 1/4hour workout then running the 5km back home. “I felt like a Grecian Warrior returning from battle!”
  • I spent thousands of hours researching and trialling different exercises and routines that would increase my strength, speed, fitness and golf shots.
  • By the time I was 18, I had laid some sturdy “Golf Fitness Foundations”
  • I became a qualified fitness trainer at age 19 and I started a Professional Golf Trainee-ship soon after that.
  • I have continued intense golf fitness training ever since; adjusting and tweaking routines and receiving excellent results. I now know how to get great results while investing less time an effort – as oppose to my early days.
  • Combine these Golf Fitness Discoveries with the other two components of Driving Distance and I am pleased to say I have fully reached my Golf Fitness and Driving Distance Capacityand I can help you reach yours.
  • I have never had on-going injury after 23 years of playing golf despite two decades of intense practice and play most days of the week. Many of my golfing and non golf peers have on-going injuries. My lack of injuries comes down to my muscular conditioning through specific training techniques and programs.
“The So Called Regular ‘Healthy Low-Fat Diet’ Was Making Me Very Sick – As It Does To Millions of People Today”
For many years in this “developmental’’ phase of my health and fitness investigations, I was experiencing:
  • Massive bloating and pains in my stomach.
  • I also suffered from acne. I believe this was because of my diet
  • My energy levels were up and down and I would be tired after eating large meals
  • I needed huge amounts of sleep, and even after sleeping for more than 9 hours I would wake up groggy!
  • In my mid twenties I also suffered on a few occasions from fevers which were severely intense with symptoms being an accelerated heart rate (115 beats per minute instead of 50 whilst lying down) and vomiting throughout the night after eating foods that were not right – in fact poisonous for my particular body – I later discovered.
  • Going off most of the information at the time from Governments, Health Bodies (including where I studied to become a Fitness Professional), I was eating a healthy diet. The exact opposite was true, I was unintentionally poisoning my body – as many people did and do today.
  • Is it any wonder that 70% of all hospital cases (in Western Countries) are due to “Environmental factors,” which are totally preventable with regular exercise a good diet and rest?
  • If you are not at your natural body weight, you get a cold now and then, have peaks and valleys in your energy levels and or have fallen to an environmental disease, The Three Pillars Health Philosophy will help you big time!
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These changes happened to my body:
  • My skin cleared up
  • Have not suffered from the sore stomach for 10 years (they plagued me for 7- 8 years)
  • My body fat percentage dropped down to between 5% and 6% (under 20% for a man and under 25% for a women is acceptable)
  • My energy levels went up (and remain high 24/7), and I can’t get sick because of a fully functioning, impregnable immune system.
Here are some recent photo’s of myself – I’m not suffering anymore…
  • Research into my own physical potential and information gathered from taking thousands of regular training and golf fitness sessions over the past decade with clients is a large “Bank of Knowledge” and the outcome of all of this is The Three Pillars Health System (I call it a Philosophy) and The AP Golf Fitness Training System
  • If you are not at your natural body weight you get a cold now and then, have peaks and valleys in your energy levels and or have fallen to an environmental disease, The Three Pillars Health System will help you – big time! Lets see how it works.

The Result of 20 Years of Research, Practical Experience and Taking Over 10,000 Personal Training Sessions is: The

Three Pillars Health and Fat-Loss System

“Three Pillars Health Equals Peak Human Health”

The result of many years of studying, testing and sifting through a small libraries worth of information on fitness, health and diet (including the good, bad and dangerous) is a step-by-step system (or lifestyle) that helps people like you:

  • Quickly lose excess fat and get back to your natural, lean, toned, attractive body (and stay that way)
  • Obtain and Maintain Super Health which includes: lowering of: blood pressure and cholesterol (if high), reduce colds to virtually nil and will help protect against type 2 diabetes and heart disease (if you do not currently have these ailments)
  • Feel happy and confident about they way you look, function and feel
  • Plus The AP Golf Fitness Program will help you: Boost your fitness levels which include: stamina, flexibility, endurance and of course – golf swing speed, power and driving distance whilst decreasing the risk of injuries.

Three Pillars Health Explained:

  • The Temple represents your body and your health
  • The three physical things you do everyday are: Eating, Sleeping and Moving.
  • These three actions can keep your body healthy or they can cause, obesity, disease, the common cold, and contribute to mental illness and lack of confidence and happiness; so the result will be a temple (your health and body) in ruins.

Conversely, when you have your Nutrition, Exercise and Rest pillars strong – meaning your eating what your body NEEDS and your giving your body enough Rest and Exercise (and the right type and at the right intensity) your body – or Temple stands strong.

The Missing Link to Getting and Keeping a Lean, Toned, Healthy Body

From conducting over 10 000 personal training sessions over the past 10 years – to go with 20 years health, diet and fitness experience, I have defined exactly what successful fitness and health devotees do and what my clients and regular people struggle and succeed with. Yes, lack of good: nutrition, exercise and rest can make you sick, fat and unhappy, or they can make you lean, happy and free of sickness. As someone that has experienced super health for many years, I know – that there is more to being healthy than the Three Pillars of Health mentioned. You won’t here much about this anywhere else but it is an absolute necessity to obtaining and maintaining super health – and that something is the mental keys that support optimum physical health. So, I have come up with the “Mental Foundations”; they support your Physical Temple of Health and they are vitally important (see below).

  • If you do not know what foods to eat or what exercise programs to follow to create a lean, healthy body, you need new knowledge and a new Belief System to follow - in regards to food and exercise. The foods you eat and the exercise you do presently are the result of what you BELIEVE to be right. If it is working and you are as lean, healthy, fit and strong as you would like to be – stay with it. If it is not, change to quickly to something that does work.
  • If you do not Value your health – which is made up of the things you do everyday – Nutrition, Exercise and Rest, you will get sick and you will get run-down, you will not get – and stay – lean and healthy.
  • If you do not Learn new information and apply that information to your life by Believing in it – and you can not imagine yourself making changes and succeeding, you won’t. Do your homework on what systems and information may work for you then commit to the system or program and you will get the desired results.

Can you see the connection between the Mental and The Physical? It is not hard, if you Value your health, body and fitness and you would like to improve them, just obtain the correct information, support and system to follow, and you will get the results that you want.

Fortunately, we have step-by-step Information and Systems for you to follow. Make a few adjustments to your lifestyle here and there, and the changes to your Body, Health and Golf Fitness will be fast and ever lasting.

When you are at “Peak Three Pillars Health” – you will have:

  • Energy all the time – no peaks and valleys, and available and natural to everyone if your pillars are strong.
  • No Sickness, colds, flues- Zero, Zilch, Nada! Most people think that colds or flues are bad luck and to get one is inevitable. Well, the good news is they are totally avoidable if you keep your Rest, Nutrition and Exercise Pillars Strong; remember – you are only as strong as your weakest Pillar! (E.G. not getting enough rest, eating the wrong foods consistently, not exercising).
  • No Environmental Diseases – Heart attacks, a lot of cancers, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes are caused by poor life style choices relating to Rest, Nutrition and Exercise.
  • Cholesterol Levels - If high, it will drop to normal
  • Blood Pressure - If high, it will drop
  • You will decrease risk of heart disease
  • Your “Natural Body Weight” – free of excess fat and with a good solid foundation of muscle and bone.
  • You will be proud of your naturally lean, toned, healthy looking body
  • Physical Confidence – This is the faith or the knowing that your body can perform at a high level and is not susceptible to germ invaders (it should not concern you to be around people with sickness because your immune system is so strong).
  • Mental Clarity – Be able to think and work more effectively.
  • All of these benefits are available to you if The Three Pillars that hold up your Temple of Health (your body) are well maintained consistently.
  • Imagine that… Never getting sick – no colds or flues – ever, no diseases, a toned body – free of excess body fat and one that is strong, fit and full of energy all the time.
  • It is all possible and NO you don’t have to do endless hours of exercise and have a drastically restrictive diet; the key is to keep your Pillars Strong and Balanced.
  • Actually, playing more golf is a great way to burn more fat. So play more golf – that’s an order from AP!!!
“I am Ordinary – just like you”
  • I have the above attributes all the time. However, I am not special, I have normal genes (my body type is actually short, average to small frame and one that can puts on fat easily)
  • I’m not especially gifted, I DO NOT do endless hours of intense exercise and I my DIET IS NOT OVERLY RESTRICTIVE My diet and exercise routines are very effective – I know what works and more importantly – the People I teach – like you – get great results.
  • These are proven systems that I have developed and follow day after day, week after week, year after year – they never failure me, and they never failure my clients or anyone that knows about them and chooses to follow them.
  • The Three Pillars Health Fat-Loss System (with Golf Fitness being a part of the Exercise Pillar) is based on “Natural Laws, Science and what works with real people.”
  • If you follow the rules and obey the laws that every human – me and you, are governed by, you will experience super health - free of ailments, excess body fat, and sickness and full of strength, vitality and confidence.
In essence – “Obey the laws and you will be living to your full potential.”- AP
You Will Learn:
AP Golf Fitness
  • What exercises to do for speed, strength and endurance
  • How many reps and sets to do and at what what intensity level
  • What the “4 Keys to Maximum Driving Distance are” and how to maximize them and shave shots off your handicap
  • What exercises to do to keep you strong and injury free
  • What Flexibility exercises to do maximize your golf fitness, help your golf swing and keep you free of injuries
  • How to train safely and avoid injuries
  • Follow a step-by-step program that leaves you with dozens of different exercises you can do in a gym, at home, on holidays, in a hotel room or even at a local park
Three Pillars Health and Fat-Loss
  • My Super Fat-Burning Key (most important thing to know for a Lean Body) – Which is: How to switch on the fat burning hormone and turn down the fat storage hormone. They are controlled by the foods you eat and the exercise you do. This is quite simple to understand and once you implement the key fat-loss is very quick (see case studies and yours truly)
  • What foods to eat and what foods to minimize to control these hormones discussed above (just about nothing is off limits). You will control the levers to your fat-burning and body
  • How to control the Hormones that are responsible for hypertension, much illness and the aging process.
  • How to get but more importantly stay Lean and Healthy for life.
  • How to stay lean and healthy whilst still enjoying: beautiful meals, dinner parties, drinking with friends and holidaying. Remember these systems and programs were designed for REAL PEOPLE that have jobs, stress, families, friends and all the commitments that come with life in the 21st Century.
  • How to structure your weekly workouts so you get the most out of your efforts
  • How to NOT put on weight when you have an Injury or go on Holiday. I see this all the time; it is likely that it has happened to you. Why does it happen? Because people do not have a knowledge on how their body stores and burns fat, and they also do not have workout programs to follow. You will have all these things as a Three Pillars Health/AP Golf Fitness Member. Remember, KNOWLEDGE is POWER.
  • How cholesterol, water, salt, fat, carbohydrates, protein and salt are all stored or burnt (or released) as a result of the foods you eat. Very important Knowledge to have.
“Take a Look at Golfer Brett’s Physical Transformation as a Result of Using The AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health Fat-Loss Systems”
“They didn’t tell me that when I gave up smoking I would receive in return 30lbs of fat! With Anthony’s advice and programs I become fitter, leaner and healthier every week.”
Name: Brett mason,
Age: 32
Location: Sydney, Australia
Program follows:
AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health
Main Goals:

To lose body fat (20kg in weight) that had been creeping on and to increase aerobic fitness (huff and puff fitness)

Starting weight & body fat: 96kg or 211lbs & 30.2%BF

Weight at 16 weeks later: 84.5kg or 185.9lbs & 24.7%BF

Body fat reduction in 16 weeks of:
30.2% to 24.7% is an 18.2% reduction
Weight loss so far: 11.5kg or 25.3lbs
AP- Brett is over 50% towards his weight loss goal and is steadily losing an average of 1 pound or half a kilo per week – and he will be at his goal weight soon.
Q and A with Brett

AP- What are the main reasons for you losing weight Brett?

Brett- “Changing my eating and exercise habits through your exercise program and diet information. I’m now well aware of what foods and drinks that I should eat and drink more of and the ones I shouldn’t”

AP- How has this changed your life?
Brett- “I feel fantastic, I can fit in to my old cloths, and I get a lot of positive comments from friends and family and generally feel more confident with my body”
AP- How do you monitor you progress?
Brett-“For fat loss I weigh in once per week on Tanita Scales that measures my body fat, muscle and weight. This gives me reliable feedback, and accountability. When I drink too much beer and eat poorly I put on weight, but when I drink moderately and get most of my meals right I lose fat. My fitness has also increased rapidly.”
AP- How has your fitness changed?
Brett-I could run for no more than 5 minutes before, but now I can run for more than 30 minutes non-stop and I don’t get as tired as I used to when I play golf.
AP-You also like drinking beer Brett how have you managed to lose weight whilst still drinking consistently and how much do you drink?
Brett-I was not going to give up beer and relaxing with friends – because I like doing both together. However through your Three Pillars Health information, I learned some good strategies for how to drink and still lose weight and also how to eat out and not have a total dietary blow out! As you told me, if you can get around 20 out of 25 meals right each week a few beers or some ice cream or chocolate or whatever, is not going to do much damage.
AP-Fantastic Brett, keep up the good work and keep your Pillars Strong!
WARNING! “If You Want to Improve Your Golf Fitness and Maybe Even Lose Weight and Boost Your Health Quickly, Get Advice From an Expert Who Can Actually Play The Game; Someone Who Has Lived, Breathed and Sweated Golf Fitness for 20 Years, and Someone Who Is Annoyingly Lean and Healthy – Not Some Physio That Thinks Golf is a Small European Car!”
“Okay, Lovely AP, That’s all Good For The Golf-Fitness-Health-Nerd, But What About The Regular, Middle-Aged Club Golfer With a Bad Back, High Cholesterol, Who is 20 lbs Overweight, Has a 9-5 Job and Has a Thirst For ‘The Amber Fluid’ and Fermented Grape Juice?”
Meet John…
“Friends used to joke that I look liked I had swallowed the wok after eating a stir fry! Then I started Three Pillars Health and loss 35 lbs of fat in 7 weeks and put on over 22lbs of muscle; they don’t laugh at me anymore!”
Name: John Harrison
Age: 53
Location: Sydney, Australia
Program follows: AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health Fat-Loss
Main Goals: To decrease size of ever increasing belly
Starting weight & body fat: 80.3kg or 177lbs & 40.5%BF
Weight 14 weeks later: 74.9kg or 165lbs & 20.8%BF
Body fat reduction so far: 40.5% to 20.8% is just under a 49% reduction!!
Fat loss total in weight in 14 weeks: 16.95kg or 37.3lbs
Muscle mass gain: 11.55kg lean muscle mass gain!
The speed of this transformation is not typical – but it is a real example of what can happen to one’s body when you give it what it needs.
AP- John was actually “malnourished” – before he changed to a Three Pillars Health lifestyle. Once John started feeding himself what his body needed and started exercising, his body responded very quickly, look at the change in his belly! The most amazing thing is that john loss over 15kg of fat in his 7 weeks and averaged over 10 alcoholic drinks/week during this phase! “Great job John!” (Measurements were done using computerized body composition analysis scales that are widely available)
By John Harrison – Points about change in health, self esteem and energy levels
Energy Levels: Having lost 17kg of fat the resultant increase in energy levels are obvious. Have you ever tried carrying a 17kg bag of spuds (Australian for potatoes) strapped to your stomach?? I am able to do much more strenuous exercise and actually every day to day activity is much easier and more enjoyable as a result – even much more alert at work. All in all life is much more enjoyable and attitude & confidence has improved toward everything in my life.
Bodily Confidence: Where I was becoming embarrassed about the way I was looking and joking it off with friends and family I now feel really good about the way I look and have no problems wearing more fashionable clothes, tighter fitting jeans. It is great to be slimmer – takes longer to get ready for work though as spend more time in front of the mirror!!
What people say: Everyone that knew the “before” me has commented on how I have changed not only in body shape but in confidence and personality – really is a “new me” all around. The difference is marked in both looks and behavior. My kids especially comment on how they are proud of what I have achieved.
It has encouraged a few people at work to take up the challenge and join me for my lunch time 1 hour walk; positive outcomes are infectious! Using the scales: Doing a “weigh in” on the body fat scales keeps me focused. I am accountable for my actions and the scales don’t lie; they provide the proof of what I have achieved or when I might have a plateau – and I know in my own mind why I have achieved the results.
Blood Pressure: My blood pressure has come substantially and that makes me – and my Doctor very happy.What have I learned about food? You are what you eat in a nut shell. We weren’t designed to eat processed foods. After in terms of the evolution of the species modern man has been on the planet 5 seconds. Not long ago we were hunter & gathers; we gain nothing from eating processed foods. Anthony has taught me this and other things about nutrition – and it works!
I had to buy an entire new wardrobe as I have gone from a 38.5” waist to just on 34” – so all new pants; shirts etc – well worth the $2,000!!
Body fat: Last reading was down to 20.8% – not bad for a former “fat bastard!’’ The result of healthy eating and daily exercise are huge. Let me tell you the benefits to the love life of being fitter are obvious!!!
“Being fit and healthy has impacted on all areas of my life and is helping me to achieve a whole lot of new things plus become a better person.”
Regards – John Harrison
Where to go from here? How will you Rapidly Increase Your Golf Fitness, Reclaim your Natural, Toned Body and Boost Your Health and Bodily Confidence?
Three Pillars Health On-Line Membership
This is a private membership website is based around Rest, Nutrition and Exercise which helps you to reach your goals which maybe: Losing fat, boosting energy, avoiding sickness, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and boosting health. Read on below for the features and benefits in detail and then view the “‘Members Area” via my video presentation.
AP Golf Fitness On-Line Membership
This site gives you workouts and programs (including on-line videos, photos and workout print outs) to follow revolving around weights and resistance training. Check out the features of each membership in detail below and I will also take you inside (via video) The AP On-Line Fitness Center.
AP Golf Fitness Programs and Membership
  • The programs are delivered via the Internet. You can access your membership log in from any computer in the World. Simply log in to The AP On-Line Fitness Center and you can access your own membership area where you will have your own personalized fitness programs waiting for you.
  • All basic programs include muscular strengthening, endurance and stretching exercises. I also offer aerobic workouts and programs to increase cardio-fitness.
  • I compile your workouts from the World Largest On-Line Exercise (and stretches) Library; there are over 2000 videos of exercises and stretches that I can choose from.
  • I hand pick the best exercise and stretches for your Golf Fitness Development and your unique needs. This is not a one size fits all system. As a Professional Fitness trainer, I will ask you to fill in a “Pre-Exercise Questionnaire’’ when you join, (as well as goals you would like to achieve) then you will receive your hand-made workouts and program.
  • You can view a short 25 second video on each particular exercise or stretch (which is performed by a Fitness Professional).
  • You can view on-line and download (physical copy) out a complete Workout Sheet to follow
  • You can view on-line and download photos and instructions on each exercise
  • You can view on-line and download your complete program with all the different workouts complete with instructions on: form, sets, repetitions and everything that you need to for you workouts
  • You can log your workouts in your private membership area
  • You can also contact me via email from within the system. You get your own golf fitness expert available to you whenever if you need advice
Click on the Video Below to take a Tour of the AP On-line Fitness Center
Three Pillars Health Membership
  • You simply log in to your private membership area (On-Line) where there is all the information (text and videos) and resources you need to boost you physical health quickly (see live video below)
  • You Receive 48 Email lessons; two per week straight to your in-box to inform and keep you accountable and focused
  • You will be given information to research within the membership area and action steps to take every week that you will incorporate into your life so that you can start meeting your goals immediately
  • You will be able to log your vital statistics (weight, fat loss, goals) on a weekly basis and track your progress
  • What to expect? The first phase is 12 weeks – by this time the majority of people have achieved at least 50% of the body fat reduction goals (provided they put in the effort) and Energy levels go up straight away and aerobic fitness soon follows.
  • The second phase is also 12 weeks and by this time your health will be great and most ‘medium term goals’ will have been achieved.
Three Pillars Health Members Tools, Information and Support
Information: The Three Pillars Health On-Line Resource Center(Library) Will Provide All The Information You Need To Transform Your Body and Health. Available On-Line 24/7
Inside the On-Line Library we cover:
Nutrition (largest section) which has 10 chapters (not read in sequence like a book). Some of the chapters include:
  • Chapter 6 – How to lose body fat and stay lean. This is very powerful information. This explains how some foods spark fat, cholesterol, water and salt storage and an opposing hormone does the opposite – it burns fat and releases cholesterol, water etc. Understand and use this and you will lose body-fat very quickly.
  • Chapter 2 - Eating and Drinking in The Real World. This gives you strategies and tactics for eating well when your on the road, at work, out to dinner, on holidays and many more scenarios.
  • Chapter 10 - Alcohol. If you are a drinker and want to lose weight this is very helpful – and yes you can still drink and lose weight fast.
  • Chapter 5 – Meal ideas and food counts for maximum fat-burning and health
  • Chapter 1 – Energy Prescription and Measuring Body-fat. How much of what foods to eat to get you – and keep you – lean and healthy.
Exercise section has 5 chapters. Some of those chapters cover:
  • Chapter 1. How much exercise for good health and to reach any goals you have
  • Chapter 3. Exercise and you Metabolism – Keeping the Fat burning furnace hot!
  • Chapter 4. The Mind Body Connection. How to feel happy, energized and loving life through exercise.
Rest Sections has 3 section. Some of the chapters cover:
  • Chapter 1. When and Why? Covers the importance of sleep and rest in: keeping you happy and healthy, it’s impact on losing weight, it’s importance in regeneration of your cells and slowing the aging process.
  • Chapter 3. Tactics and strategies to ensure maximum rest.
Other sections include:
  • Beliefs - Very important once you have the right information to make it work for you
  • Values – Super important section and chapters here. If you have the right knowledge (we will give you) and then you are valuing your physical pillars highly – Super health will be the result.
  • Self Image - Links in with the other mental foundations. Once you can imagine yourself achieving your goals – great things happen.
  • Commitment - Tactics and strategies to help you stay on course with your fitness and lifestyle changes.
  • Golfers – Special chapter that advices you on what to eat before, during and after golf for maximum performance.
  • Balance – This Section looks a how to work good nutrition, rest and exercise into the rest of your life.There is also a few other surprise chapters in there that will help you greatly.
Tools to Measure Your Progress
  1. Body Assessment and Prescription Target“helps you know how much of each food to eat” VALUE: $19
  2. My Health Goals“will help you meet targets on the way to creating a “new, leaner you” VALUE: $15
  3. 64 page Food Counts Down-loadable Book“helps you know what is in each food VALUE: Free
  4. Nutrition and Exercise Diary“helps keeps you accountable along the way” - VALUE: $23
  5. Food Counts Summary and meal plan - “plan your meals for quick, healthy, weight loss” VALUE: $19
  6. Body Fat Calculator“monitor your progress with this great online tool” - VALUE: $49/year (lifetime for you)
  7. Exercise weekly planner (on-line and down-loadable) “plan your exercise sessions on-line or off” VALUE: $17
Support Email Lessons to: Guide You, Keep You Accountable, Informed and Motivated

48 Email Lessons over 6 months delivered automatically to your in-box.

It is very important for you to keep on track, informed and motivated when you are making changes to your lifestyle, so I have put together these lessons as a guide to help you – on top of the information and tools (shown above) that are provided to you as a member.

“Under Anthony’s guidance I lost nearly 20kg (44lbs) – and I have kept the weight off for more than three years!”

“I worked with Anthony for approximately 4 & 1/2 years. During that time I lost almost 20kgs.

When I first started training with Anthony, I hated running and refused to do it. Over the years, that changed as my fitness level increased and I have since participated in quite a few fun runs. While I still don’t enjoy running, it is still part of my exercise routine!

Anthony was also an important part of my recovery when I hurt my back. He organized my training program around the injury, to help me regain strength and prevent further injuries. He also gave me advice on my diet to ensure I kept on track with my weight loss.”

Kylie Davenport, (Personal Training Client)

Sydney, Australia

“I had to do something about my weight, it was out of control”
Name: Fiona Ray
Age: 34
Program follows: Three Pillars Health
Main Goals: Decrease weight, body fat and increase aerobic fitness and self esteem
Starting body fat: 41%,
Body Fat 3 months later: 35.7% – then two months later it was at 31.9%
Total Body fat reduction: 41-31.9% of total weight – represents a 22% reduction in body fat
Fat loss in weight: 13kg in fat or 28.6lbs
Fiona- “Thanks Anthony to you and your Three Pillars Health Program, I feel so much happier about my body – I feel great and have heaps of energy!”
Q and A
AP- What were you doing wrong before you started on Three Pillars Health Fiona and what have you learned from the program?
Fiona- I was able to calculate exactly what my body needs in terms of carbohydrate, protein and fat (macro nutrients). I learned that when I ate foods that gave me the required amount of these three macro nutrients my body responded really well.
I loss fat much faster using your Three Pillars Health System than when I was on weight watchers and other diets.
AP- What about tracking your exercise and progress?
Fiona- I stick to my weekly exercise session’s planner that you developed for me and I make sure I weigh in on the “Tanita” body composition analyser scales. I then enter these numbers into my records on-line at Three Pillars Health.
AP- How important is this weigh in and entering your weight and body fat each week?
Fiona- I think it is really important as it makes me accountable each week. If I have to many nights out drinking or eating poor foods or even not exercising enough, it shows in that I’m not losing body fat and even putting fat on.

“P.G.A Tour Veteran endorses AP Golf Fitness”
P.G.A Tour Golfer- Ben Burge
I have been a full time Tour Pro for the past 14 years and currently play the Japanese, Korean and The Australasian P.G.A Tours.
“I know the value of being fit for golf. My body has to be strong, fit and able to endure hours of practice and playing. If my body is not fit and strong, I can’t earn a living.”
Anthony knows exactly what is needed to become as fit as possible for golf. If you want to get the most out of your body and your golf game, I recommend you grab an AP Golf Fitness Membership ASAP.

Ben Burge,

On Tour in Korea,

“If you want to improve your health, energy and vitality, you can’t go past Three Pillars Health.”
Ash Radford, Fitness Trainer for 12 years

“Hi there,

My name is Ashley Radford; I have been a personal fitness trainer for the past 12 years. I have brainstormed many ideas with AP over the years in regards to training methods, nutrition and rest and how it impacts on our personal and our client’s health.
We have traded tips on exercises, workouts and diets over the years. I really like Anthony’s development of his Three Pillars Health Philosophy.
I totally agree with AP that getting these three building blocks right is vital for great health. I impress on my clients the same concepts. When my clients do not follow these “Pillars”, they make little progress. When they do follow the “Pillars” they achieve their goals – it’s that simple.
If you want to improve your health, energy and vitality – quickly, you can’t go past Three Pillars Health.
Yours in Good Health,

Sydney, Australia

Benefits of the AP Golf Fitness V Regular Golf Fitness Programs
Benefits of AP Golf Fitness Membership Programs
Regular Golf Fitness Product
  • Programs set by a Golf Fitness Expert who has had practical experience and knows what golfers need
  • Some programs are set by other health professionals who have NO practical golf experience
  • Handmade golf fitness programs and workouts to suit your body, fitness level and goals – which include increasing muscle strength and speed, endurance, flexibility and cardio-fitness if desired. Young, Old, Experienced or a Beginner, we tailor a program for you and your need
  • CD’s and books are not tailored to your specific needs,this can be dangerous and not very productive. What if you have a bad back or elbow or knee? Bad luck – you are on your own.
  • You maybe young or old or fit or not fit, one size does not fit all.
  • Updated programs to suit your changing needs (by request)
  • No updates, your left on your own
  • View Programs and Exercises on-line or print programs 24/7 from any computer in the world
  • No structured, neat way to assemble all your programs and logs and notes in one central resource
  • A membership site means you have an expert/mentor (myself) to support you with your questions every week of the year
  • No membership so no ongoing communications with a mentor
Benefits of the Three Pillars Health Membership V Regular Health/Diet Programs
Benefits of The Three Pillars Health Membership +AP Golf Fitness Membership
Regular Diet and Fitness Product
  • Expert advice: I know what works for me and my clients – not only for maximizing golf fitness also maximizing fat loss, boosting energy and physical potential through Three Pillars Health. Everything I teach I practice.
Many diets and advice is given by people that are not actually lean, fit and healthy themselves so they really do not know what works
  • 3 Pillars Membership makes you accountable on a weekly basis. You receive 48 Email Lessons over 6 months on Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Goals, and actions steps Accountability are vital for success.

“Those who do not plan, plan to fail”

Most programs or books do not make you accountable – no goals – no commitment – no success.
  • Tools, you have tools to measure, log, research and test online 24/7
  • You Pay Once and Get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. No on-going fees. A great asset to have for the future.
  • Most E-Books or systems do not have these tools.
  • Nearly all memberships systems make you pay recurring monthly or weekly fee for a membership site. If you pay $30 a month that could be an easy $360 per year.
  • Gain access to View Programs, resources, and the blog, – 24/7 on-line from any computer in the world; at work, at home, in a hotel or holidays
  • No structured neat way to assemble all your programs and logs and notes in one central resource
  • A membership site means you have an expert/mentor to support you with your questions. You will also be able to discuss ideas with other members in the forum
  • No membership, so no on-going communications with a mentor or other members
  • You can incorporate a specific golf fitness program into your 3 Pillars Health lifestyle – they complement each other perfectly
  • Regular health diet programs will not do anything for your golf!
  • Three Pillars is not just about Diet or just about Exercise – it is a System or a Philosophy to follow that takes into account your everyday pressures and commitments
Most programs focus on one or possibly two factors (exercise and or diet) because the authors or developers themselves simply don’t see the full picture and don’t know what TRUE HEALTH is themselves.
Membership 1-Three Pillars Membership:
  • Members only Three Pillars Health Library. Pay once and receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. Value – $197/year

  • Resources, 48 email lessons over 6 months to guide you along Value – $144

  • Personalized log in and data keeping area
  1. Body Assessment and Prescription Target“helps you know how much of each food to eatVALUE: $19
  2. My Health Goals“will help you meet targets on the way to creating a “new, leaner you” VALUE: $15
  3. 64 page Food Counts Down-loadable Book“helps you know what is in each food VALUE: Free
  4. Nutrition and Exercise Diary“helps keeps you accountable along the way” - VALUE: $23
  5. Food Counts Summary and meal plan - “plan your meals for quick, healthy, weight loss” VALUE: $19
  6. Body Fat Calculator“monitor your progress with this great online tool” - VALUE: $49/year (lifetime for you)
  7. Exercise weekly planner (on-line and down-loadable) “plan your exercise sessions on-line or off” VALUE: $17

Total Value – $142/year

(You Will have Lifetime Access)

Your Membership- A One Off Payment of $67 for LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP. Cancel at any time any time within first 60 days for a refund.

Membership 2-AP On-Line Golf Fitness
  • 2 “Handmade’’ workouts including: muscular strength, endurance and flexibility all in one for beginner, intermediate or advanced level depending on your exercise history; they are tailored to your needs. This includes a pre-exercise questionnaire and goal setting. You have the choice of a new programs made by myself (AP) at least every 12 weeks or you can stay on existing workouts/programs.
Value – US$154
  • Plus a “Golf stretches program’’ for before, during and after workout. Vital stretches to avoid straining and injuring muscles and also to increase flexibility.
Value – US$77
Is That it…?
Well, you have all the basics there, but I want to give you more, I want you to have everything you need… and then some. So I have put together some Bonuses for you.
Tailor Made Personalized Weekly Exercise Planner (by request). I will map out for you all your exercise for the week (which includes your golf sessions/games, resistance sessions as per AP golf workouts, etc)
Value – US$77
Full Body’’ – no equipment needed workout you can do anywhere. Perfect for when you do not have exercise balls or dumbbells or access to a gym or when you
just want to train outside and “get back to basics!”You can do this workout in your house, a hotel room, park, office or when you are traveling.
I have used this many times when I have been on the road and wanted to do a workout and had no equipment. There is never any excuse for not getting your workout in!
Value – US$77
Free contact with AP plus free changes to your programs request. Ask any questions you like via email and I will be able to answer them for you. Plus I can update workouts and programs for you if needed. This is huge value and you can actually use this is much as you want. This could be worth $1000’s of dollars per year... and there is no limit on this yet. I will keep this for as long as I can handle it; and you will of course have it for the life of your membership.
Value – US$260/year

Eight week training course and “The Terminology Report”(immediately activated and sent to you after purchase). It takes your through:
  • How to train safely
  • How to train effectively so you can get fast, sustainable gains
  • What, when and why to stretch before, during and after workouts
  • Different training methods and how to use our online members area where you view videos and print workouts
  • Learn how muscles grow (this important if you want to make gains)
  • Learn what exercises to do and what exercises are dangerous and a waste of time
Eight week training course
I have been resistance training weekly for 20 years, so what you get is a chance to tap into what I know. This will save you a lot of time and energy and answer many questions you may have.
Value $32
“The Four Keys to Maximum Driving Distance Report and The Master Hormones Report.”
This 20 page report is given away to non members on this site and it is compulsory reading for new AP Golf Fitness Members. It details the exact “chain of events” in the golf swing and the muscles that are being used. It also has some “action photos” that add to the report greatly.
The second part is a brief report on the “Burning and Storage Hormones” that I talked about on this site (available in more detail in the Three Pillars Health Members Library.)
Value $14.95
“The Improve Your Bunkers Shots Report”
Many amateurs struggle with hitting consistent bunker shots. This 14 page report covers:
  • How to master the fundamentals of bunker play (there are quite a few changes that need to be made when playing from a bunker compared to a regular pitch shot)
  • Learn the mental secrets that will enable you to hit great bunker shots under any type of pressure
  • How to play fairway bunker shots, long sand shots and from good, bad and ugly lies
The Improve Your Bunkers Shots Report
I have been resistance training weekly for 20 years, so what you get is a chance to tap into what I know. This will save you a lot of time and energy and answer many questions you may have.
Value $14.95
“AP’s Golf Mental Mastery”
his report is in the process of being made into an E-Book that will sell on-line for $29. However when you become an AP Golf Fitness Member you receive it free.
Apart from a solid technique, the correct thinking and mental routines are absolutely vital to shoot low scores.
Improving your “golf-mental-skills” will lower your scores more than any other one thing you can work on in your game. Why? Because thinking applies to every single shot you play (putting, chipping, sand shots, driving, irons etc); get your thinking right and you will be shocked at how well you can play.
In this report you will learn:
  • How to play great under pressure
  • What swing keys are good for your game and what swing keys sabotage any chance of shotting low scores consistently
  • How to develop a dependable pre-shot routine
  • How to visualize your shots like a tour pro does (huge help)
AP’s Golf Mental Mastery
Value $19
“AP’s Pure Putting Report”
I have always enjoyed putting and I have put thousands of hours into learning how to putt well all the time and putt brilliant some of the time (I have also documented how this works; and I will reveal much of it in this report).
I don’t think I have to tell you how costly or how rewarding good putting can be.
This report covers:
  • Basic technique and equipment. Putting is a pretty simple action; one should not waste too much time on technique or equipment, however a few basics are needed.
  • The importance of routine. A good routine sets you up as much as possible to gain access to… THE ZONE. I have been there many times – including an extremely pleasant visit for 9 holes in January 2011.I shot 6 under for 9 holes on this day whilst hitting the ball – “just okay.” I will share with you what I was thinking about on that day and on many other days where

    I have had 11 or 12 putts for 9 holes… or even 3 under par whilst hitting only 10 greens in regulation.

  • How to read greens properly
  • How to learn from your miss putts (get the right attitude and you will rarely have a bad putting round; maybe a not so good one, but never a bad one – and sometimes brilliant ones).
AP’s Pure Putting Report
Value $19 (although could invaluable if applied)

Huge discount available when combining Both Three Pillars Health Membership and AP On-Line Golf Fitness Membership

  • Buy both memberships together and get a 30% reduction in price off your Three Pillars Health Membership.
You have three membership options:
Membership 1 AP Golf Fitness Workouts, Programs and Support Includes:
  1. 2 x Golf Strength, Speed, Endurance and Flexibility Workouts and access to Personal Log In Area where you can log workouts, view the videos, print workouts and programs. Value $154
  2. Flexibility routine. Value $77

Value $231
Includes all BONUSES:
  1. Tailor made weekly exercise plannerValue $77
  2. No Equipment needed workout(anywhere, anyplace) – Value $77
  3. Free Contact with AP Whilst a Member – Value $260/year
  4. Eight Week Training Course, the When What and Why of Effective Training – Value $32
  5. “The Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance Report” – Value $14.95
    RECEIVE ALSO – LIMITED TIME BONUSES BELOW (before they go on retail sale)
  6. “The Improve Your Bunker Shots Report” - Value – $14.95
  7. “AP’s Golf Mental Mastery Report” - Value – $19
  8. “AP’s Pure Putting Report” - Value – $19
Total Value- $783.90.
1 Year Membership of AP Golf Fitness = 3 payments of $33 ($99 total) for initial workouts and programs with unlimited updates (keep the bonuses of course). Refund: cancel in the first 60 days to receive a full refund. You will  NOT be automatically re-billed in 1 years time.
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Membership 2 AP Golf Fitness & Three Pillars Health Memberships
  1. Tailor made Workout 1Value $77
  2. Tailor made Workout 2Value $77
  3. Flexibility programValue $77
  4. Three Pillars Health Members Area with Library – Value $197
  5. 3PH Tools and Personal data keeping area – Value $144
  6. 3PH Support. 48 Email lessons over 6 months – Value $142
Plus all BONUSES
  1. Tailor made weekly exercise planner – Value $77
  2. No Equipment needed workout (anywhere, anyplace) -Value $77
  3. Free Contact with AP Whilst a Member – Value $144
  4. Eight Week Training Course, the When What and Why of Effective Training – Value $32
  5. “The Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance Report” – Value $14.95

    RECEIVE ALSO – LIMITED TIME BONUSES BELOW (before they go on retail sale)

  6. “The Improve Your Bunker Shots Report” – Value – $14.95
  7. “AP’s Golf Mental Mastery Report” – Value – $19
  8. “AP’s Pure Putting Report” – Value – $19
TOTAL VALUE – $1266.90
I’m not going to charge you $1266.90. I’m not going charge your recurring
payments forever
like nearly all memberships. I’m offering you both memberships for…

3 Monthly Payments of $45. This gives 1 years Membership to AP Golf Fitness (workouts and programs including unlimited updates) plus Life Membership to Three Pillars Health. Refund: cancel any time in the first 60 days for a full refund.

Note: Three Pillars Health is Lifetime Membership and AP Golf Fitness is 1 years membership
and you will not be re-billed at the end of the year – this a one-off purchase.
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Membership 3 Three Pillars Health Membership
  1. Three Pillars Health Members Area with Library – Value $197
  2. Tools and Personal data keeping area – Value $144
  3. Support. 48 Email lessons over 6 months – Value $142
Three Pillars Health – $67 for Life Membership. Cancel any time in the first 60 days for a full refund (this will cancel you out of Lifetime Membership though).
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If you have any issue with membership in the first 60 days and you are not happy with what you receive, simply email me and I will refund you 100% of what you have paid.

So you have nothing to lose, I know these tools, information and support will get anyone results fast (if you follow just 25% of the information supplied ), but if for whatever reason you want to pull out within the first 60 days, no problem, we will happy refund you your money – no questions asked.

Click on the program that best suits your needs now, and then let’s get to work. Remember we are on-line so everything is ready for you to begin your new fitness/lifestyle within in minutes!
Hope to chat with you on the inside, and… keep your Pillars of Health Strong! -AP
This is what you Receive with AP On-Line Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health Membership
PS. To be honest 95% of Fitness trainers, other health Professionals and Fitness website owners, cannot offer the sought of life changing information you can get here. And 99.9% of them are definitely not Golf Fitness experts with 20 years of PRACTICAL experience.
PPS. Remember in the real World just two personal training sessions will cost you $140. How much knowledge can you get in two sessions and how is that going to help change your body now and keep you healthy into the future? Well as a personal trainer, I can tell you that two sessions will do ABSOLUTELY nothing for you. Maybe… if you find a really knowledgeable trainer and pay him/her $70 per session x 2 per week you can get some good results. However 40 weeks x 2 sessions/week comes in at $5600/year!
You can get the knowledge, support and a step-by-step system to follow that will get you results now – but more importantly – set you up with the knowledge that will keep you fit, lean and healthy forever – right here… and I’m pleased to say that’s what is on offer here for just $67, $99 or $145, not $5600.
Click on the buy membership button now and I look forward to meeting you on the inside! – AP
Note: These memberships and products are delivered on-line through downloads and membership area access. There are No physical products.
Click on the buy membership button now and I look forward to meeting you on the inside! – AP


“AP Golf Fitness Provides Fitness and Fat-Loss Systems To Help Golfers Increase Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Golf Shots Whilst Decreasing Body Fat and Boosting Health”

Two Systems To Help Golfers Golf Fitness and Health:



Hi There,

Welcome to AP Golf Fitness, I’m AP, creator of AP Golf Fitness.

AP Golf Fitness was created by a Golfer/Fitness Trainer, to help golfers improve their golf fitness through targeted golf programs and workouts. These golf fitness workouts are made up of golf exercises and stretches.

The golf fitness workouts are tailored to each golfers current fitness level, whether you are a young golfer, old golfer, a male golfer, a female golfer, whether you are fit or not fit or you have injuries to work around.

Click Golf Workouts and Programs to view a short video presentation about:

  • The four fitness principles behind every successful exercise program; how hard to train, what type of exercise to perform, when to perform these exercises and for how long (duration).
  • View a live golf fitness exercise inside one of the made to measure golf fitness programs

  • Take a look inside our members area where the golf fitness workouts, programs and golf exercises are located.

“Weight Loss and Better Health for Golfers”

I have created a weight loss and optimum health system for you to take advantage of. The system was created after 20 years of health, fitness and nutritional studies (and implementation) and from the lessons learned from taking over 10 000 personal training sessions over this time.

The weight loss and health system is based around what keeps me and other successful fitness devotees lean, strong and healthy year in year out, but more importantly – the information identifies the struggles everyday people have with becoming and staying lean and healthy and provides information, tools and on-going support to achieve lasting heath in a functional body – to be proud of.

If you want to get into great shape and improve your health (which can also include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels to go with weight loss and muscle toning) watch the Fat Loss Video and also read on down below the video to learn about all the other golfers that have achieved rapid, safe, weight loss.

A lot of this information is based around golfers lifestyles, habits and needs and wants. Why? because it was created by a golfer (me!) who has studied golfers and still plays with club golfers every week of the year. The system shows how you can become lean whilst still enjoying beers at the 19th hole!

The Fours Keys to Maximum Driving Distance

You can find this great read at the page: “The Four Keys To Maximum Driving Distance Report”. As the heading states, the report goes through what is needed to maximize your golf driving distance potential and also what the roles of the various muscle groups are in the golf swing. To get the report just leave your name an email address in the boxes provided. We will send you your report automatically after you have “opted in” to receive it.

We use best practice email communications and we definitely do not want to send you something you do not want. By opting in you will also be eligible to receive a free monthly golf fitness newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email we send you. And of-course your email address will never be shared with anyone as this is against the law and it is just plain rude.

“Your Golf Fitness Trainer In Action”

To view a fun video of yours truly “ripping” a few drives, head over to the about us page. This video shows you “in live video action” a lot of the muscles that are used in a golf swing. This video is not there to impress you, it just shows you that I back up what I’m saying about golf fitness and obtaining and maintaining a lean, healthy body – with my actions.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you need anything via the “contact” page up the top of site.