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“Do AP Golf Fitness And Fat-Loss Systems Work? View Your Vertically Challenged Coach (AP) In the Video Below”


“How did a Short, Chubby, Weak Golfer go from Hitting Drives Barley 200 Yards, to Morphing Himself into a Lean, Muscular, Flexible, Athletic Golfer who Rip’s Drives as Long as – or Further than the Average U.S.P.G.A Tour Player – whilst giving up a Full 5 inches to them in Height?


“He did it by maximizing his physical potential through AP Golf Fitness and Living a Three Pillars Health Lifestyle – and the good news is – you can do it too – now!

Hi There, AP Here….
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As the answer above indicates – I did indeed transform my body and my golf game, and I would like to help you do the same with yours.

For the past 20 years I have been on a mission to maximize my own golf-fitness, add to my knowledge on nutrition exercise and peak physical performance, and to help and guide clients to their health and fitness goals.

I have been a qualified fitness trainer for 16 years and have taken thousands of personal training and golf fitness sessions over this time. I have also played golf professionally and still play and enjoy playing high level amateur golf.

I’m now ready to share my system and training secrets with you and golfers all around the World. Browse on down the page and check out the possibilities of following my training systems.

Would You Like To:

  1. Increase your Driving Distance by up to 9% (10-30yards) through golf fitness and possibly even 14% (20-40yards) by applying the “AP-4 Keys to Maximum Driving Distance?”
  2. Increase your Golf Swing Strength/Speed and or Flexibility
  3. Increase you Muscular Endurance and Stamina by up to 55%?
  4. Increase your Energy so you have plenty of gas in the tank when you walk (or run!) up the 18th hole?
  5. Decrease your Body Fat by up to 35lbs in 7 weeks like one of my site members has done recently?
  6. Prevent injuries by turning your body into a strong, injury-free zone?
  7. Have your own Golf Fitness and Health Mentor to turn to for advice whenever you need it?

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